Freestyle coaching

So you've learned the basics and you're tired of just 'riding'. It's time to learn some tricks!

Freestyle coaching with us can get you from basic tricks such as jumps, bankrolls all the way to KGB's and many different new trick mixes rolled into one. 

You can contact us if you think you're ready to graduate from a regular kiter to an awesome kiter. Be ready to push yourself, let go of fear, and reap the rewards of maximum stoke. 

How do we do it? 

We coach all kiting disciplines very similarly however, freestyle has a special place in our hearts. Therefore, we take a bit more care in ensuring you get the most progression possible from our coaching sessions. 

  • We begin by assessing your kiting level and finding out what trick you want to learn or what is realistically achievable according to your level. 

  • Then we create our training plan to get you towards that trick and ensure you don't pick up any potential 'bad habits' that may deter further trick learning/progression. 

  • The we get to actually learning. This includes taking our instruction, trying it out on the water and finding our strengths and weaknesses. The entire session will be filmed and discussed at the debrief. Every movement will be analysed to see how we can improve and make the trick feel natural and be technically correct. 

  • We keep learning and practising until you learn the trick and go beyond by improving your riding in general as well as your understanding of certain movements and timing. 

What tricks can you learn ?

There are some popular tricks we teach regularly such as: 

  • Big jumps 

  • Darkslides

  • Backroll combinations

  • Front roll combinations

  • Board off's 

  • Handle passes (KGB's) 

  • Loops

However, we can teach many other tricks and even invent new tricks by combining moves from ones we already know. Therefore, the sky's the limit!


All our coaching sessions start at €60 per hour per person. 

This includes your custom training plan, frequent feedback during the session and debrief after the session and the video analysis. 

Kite equipment and photoshoot are not included but can be arranged for an additional cost. 

Payment can be taken in cash, PayPal, Revolut or Bank Transfer.