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Prokitecoahing was created by Amine Roussafi who saw the need for a high-quality coaching service. Throughout Amine's experience in competitive kitesurfing, managing kite schools, and being an instructor, he needed some help to get this dream started.

That's where Ugne comes in! Also from a kiting background and the holder some incredible entrepreneurial expertise, they are both ready to add some good vibes to coaching you



Prokitecoaching focuses entirely on quality over quantity. Kite coaching means every kiter can advance their skills in some way or another. Whether its improving basic kite skills, fixing bad habits or finding the secret to getting a trick completed, PKC is here. 

By using all the knowledge from our experience, alongside video analysis, and, frequent demonstrations, success is guaranteed.

Prokitecoaching is based on having a top level team, values that keep us a grounded and honest business, and working with likeminded brands that will excel the sport of kitesurfing to new heights.


Amine Roussafi

Founder/Main Coach

Ugne in Kalpitiya lagoon .jpg

Ugne Kaskelyte





Amine comes from a surfing and windsurfing background so progressing to kitesurfing came naturally. His brother Rachid was a huge influence in this by pushing him to pursue kiting and taking the sport to new levels back in 2005. 

Amine then became a kite instructor in 2006 which began the desire to help people get into kitesurfing and become really good at it. Since then he is still working around the world as a kite instructor, kite school manager, and kite tester when he's not coaching. 

In 2010 Amine began to dabble in competitive kitesurfing landing him with great results such as coming 3rd in the Moroccan Championships in 2010 and 13th place in Freestyle PKRA in 2011. 

Ugne initially wanted to be a surfer but after a realization, that she wasn't very good at it, started kiting in 2013 after her father taught her. Since then she had been kiting in Ireland throughout school and university. 

During her Masters in Diplomacy, Ugne began to travel in search of tropical kite spots and found Sri Lanka. Since then she has been keen to work remotely and kite as much as possible. 

Her kite level is improving every single day thanks to Amine and her dad helping every step of the way. 

Apart from kiting, she has been working very closely with some awesome kite-related brands for promotion and getting more women into the sport. 




"If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong" 

We need you to be stoked to learn a new trick, and we need to make sure you keep that stoke even when you're crashing.

Eventually you will crash with pride knowing you're taking a step further to nailing that trick.

When you finally ace it, there's no better feeling. 


Although our goal is to have as much fun as possible, we do have a target to reach. Therefore we have your lesson planned out to a tee. We inform you of the gameplan before we hit the water and try to go through the plan efficiently so you get the most out of your trip. 

We also love feedback to keep improving our service to you. If there's something you're not satisfied with, please let us know and we will try to be better next time. 


We can only be honest with our customers. If you don't believe us when we tell you that you're absolutely nailing a trick, then we can show you the cam footage :) 


Every step we take, we have complete transparency with our customers. We do this by conducting a more personal service and by maintaining contact every step of the way.

If somethings not working out, we will find a solution to make it work. 


We've been in the game a while now and we know what goes around in our neighborhood. We pride ourselves on always staying authentic and original in every way we can. 

Whether it's our golden trick recipes or kite locations, we do what we do from our own experience and the drive to take things further. 

We even try to take tricks to the new level by doing all kinds of variations.

Come and innovate with us



We have partnered with some awesome brands to not only improve our own service but also to provide an extra benefit for our customers. Every brand we promote we have tested and approved for any person involved in kitesurfing.If you would like to collaborate with us, please don't hesitate to present your business to us by email: info@prokitecoaching.com or send us your profile on our social media accounts.