Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The Crowmobe is a really good trick to add to your collection of toeside moves.

It's actually a combination of three moves: popping toeside followed by a front roll and finally landing it blind.

The key element for this trick is to get inverted into a front roll.

Let's get closer into this trick to discover the steps needed to initiate the maneuver.

. Place your kite at around 1 o'clock (taking right) or 11 o'clock (taking left) to begin with and try to keep it in a stable position throughout the trick.

. Switch to toeside edge while hooked in landing downwind to unhook.

. Keep the bar close to your front hip and initiate an aggressive pop and push out with your back leg through your toes whilst carving into the wind.

. As soon as you release your edge spring forward and bend your back leg to initiate the front roll.

. Look over your back shoulder and get as inverted as possible.

. Bend both your knees and pull the bar toward your back hip.

. As you drop towards your landing, let go of your back hand and open your shoulders out in the direction of your rotation.

. Using momentum will carry you around into the blind position.

. Aim to land your board downwind for solid landing.


. Pop hard

. Bend back knee

. Get inverted

. Pull bar toward your hip

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