TFD "toedise frontroll to darkslide"

The TFD is a super cool trick to perform and to add to your darkslide combos repertoire, consisting toe side pop into a frontroll rotation followed by a darkslide .

To initiate this trick it will be necessary to know how to pop toe side and to be comfortable with the frontroll and the darkslide.

The key element to do this trick is :

. Toe side aggressive pop

. Bend front knee and look over your back shoulder

. Spot your landing and fall into darkslide position

. Keep the bar pulled in and steer the kite progressively to the opposite wind window

Scroll down for more details:

. Start with generation good speed with your kite position at 45 degrees.

. Initiate a light pop to switch from your heel side to toe side position.

. Place your kite at 11 or 2 (taking right) and carve hard into the wind .

. Bend your front knee and look aggressively over your back shouder to start you frontroll rotation.

. Spot your landing and fall forward into a darkslide position with your front knee bent and back leg extended.

. Steer your kite progressively from 11 to 1 o'clock keeping the bar pulled in the full time for extra lift.

. As soon as you feel that the kite is loosing power, send the kite for a loop using your back hand to steer hard on the bar.

. Bend both of your legs and aim the board to land downwind.

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